Snoop Dogg Gin and Juice Recipe

The classic gin and juice cocktail has been given a fun new twist by rap icon Snoop Dogg, with his signature “Indoggo” gin taking center stage. Snoop Dogg’s take on this refreshing summer cocktail cleverly dubbed the “Gin and Juice” after his hit 90s song, has become a hugely popular drink recipe requested by fans worldwide.

With only a handful of ingredients like pineapple juice, club soda, and Snoop’s smooth botanical gin, you can easily mix up this tasty beverage at home. The sweet tropical flavors paired with the herbal gin makes this cocktail light and fruity, perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to make Snoop Dogg Gin and Juice Recipe, along with some variations and serving suggestions for this vibrant cocktail.

What is Gin and Juice?

Gin and juice is a cocktail made by combining gin with fruit juice, usually orange or pineapple juice. The sweet fruity flavors pair nicely with the botanical herbal tones of gin to create a refreshing drink. While classic gin and tonics use tonic water as the mixer, gin and juice opts for 100% fruit juice instead. The juice provides natural sweetness and flavor, while the gin gives the drink its signature botanical kick.

Snoop Dogg’s take on the gin and juice swaps fresh pineapple juice for the orange juice typically used. The tropical pineapple adds an extra layer of sweetness and fruitiness that complements the gin beautifully. A splash of club soda gives it some effervescence and lightens up the texture a bit. The result is an easy drinking cocktail that goes down smooth. Snoop Dogg’s gin and juice is fun, fruity, and perfect for laid-back summer days.

How to Make Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice

Ready to make your own version of this famous cocktail? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to mixing up Snoop Dogg’s gin and juice drink at home.

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Serving Size: 1 | Calories: 150 calories per serving

Ingredients Needed

  • 2 oz Indoggo gin
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • Club soda
  • Pineapple slice for garnish



  • Cocktail shaker
  • Strainer
  • Collins glass
  • Ice

Instructions For Snoop Dogg Gin and Juice Recipe

Step 1: Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes. Add 2 oz of Indoggo gin and 2 oz of pineapple juice.

Step 2: Secure the lid on the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds until well chilled. The shaking motion helps blend the ingredients together.

Step 3: Strain the gin and juice mixture into a Collins glass filled with fresh ice cubes. The ice helps keep the cocktail chilled.

Step 4: Top off the drink with a splash of club soda and gently stir to incorporate. The club soda gives it some fizzy effervescence.

Step 5: Garnish with a colorful pineapple slice on the rim and serve. The pineapple garnish adds a nice tropical touch.

And that’s all there is to it! With just a few simple ingredients and steps, you can enjoy this delicious gin cocktail made famous by Snoop Dogg. The sweet pineapple juice balances beautifully with the herbal gin. Drink up and enjoy your gin and juice remix!

Snoop Dogg Gin and Juice

Recipe Notes

  • For best flavor, use a high-quality gin like Indoggo. A lower juniper gin will allow the fruit flavors to shine.
  • Make sure to use 100% pineapple juice, not juice blends which contain added sugars.
  • Shake the cocktail hard to properly chill and blend it. A good 10-15 second shake makes a difference.
  • Add club soda gently at the end to preserve the carbonation. Stir lightly.

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Ingredient Substitutions

Don’t have all the exact ingredients for Snoop’s gin and juice on hand? Here are some simple ingredient substitutions:

  • Gin: Can substitute vodka or white rum if you don’t have gin. Will lose the botanical gin flavor.
  • Pineapple juice: Mango, orange, grapefruit, or apple juice can be swapped in. Maintain 2 oz juice.
  • Club soda: Simple syrup (1:1 sugar:water) or lemon-lime soda can be used instead of club soda.
  • Pineapple garnish: Cherries, limes, orange slices or mint all make good alternatives.
  • Indoggo gin: Any basic London dry style gin like Tanqueray, Beefeater, or Bombay works. Adjust quantity to taste.

The beauty of this cocktail is that it’s very adaptable to what you have on hand. Play around with different fruit juice and gin combinations to create your own perfect gin and juice remix! The fruity juicy flavors pair so well with herbal gin no matter what you choose.

Serving Suggestions

  • Customize the cocktail with different fruit juice combinations. Mango, strawberry, orange, grapefruit, or pomegranate juices would all work well.
  • For a less sweet version, use 1.5 oz pineapple juice and add 0.5 oz of fresh lime juice. The lime adds tartness to balance the sweetness.
  • Make it a spritz by using sparkling water instead of club soda.
  • Garnish with pineapple wedges, lime wheels, fresh mint, or maraschino cherries. Get creative!
  • Serve in a chilled Collins or highball glass. Coupe glasses also work for a classy presentation.
  • Add some crushed ice for extra chill and dilution if enjoying outdoors in the heat.
  • Pair with summery side dishes like grilled shrimp, chicken skewers, or tropical fruit plates.
  • Enjoy responsibly! The fruit juices mask the strength of the gin. Pace yourself when sipping these cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gin works best for gin and juice?

A lower juniper, citrus-forward gin allows the fruit juice flavor to shine. Try a gin like Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, or Bluecoat. Stay away from bold juniper-heavy gins like Tanqueray 10.

Can I make it with vodka instead of gin?

Yes, vodka can be substituted for gin in a gin and juice cocktail. The drink won’t have the same botanical flavors but will still taste great. Add a squeeze of lime to brighten up vodka-based versions.

What’s the best juice to use for gin and juice?

Pineapple juice is the classic choice thanks to Snoop Dogg’s famous version. But orange, grapefruit, mango, strawberry, apple, and cranberry juices also work very well.

Is gin and juice an alcoholic drink?

Yes, gin and juice contains distilled spirit (gin) so it is definitely an alcoholic cocktail. The fruit juice masks the booze flavor but doesn’t remove the effects of the alcohol.

How long does gin and juice last?

Like any cocktail containing fruit juice, it’s best consumed fresh. After 24 hours, the juice can start to separate or oxidize. For best flavor, make gin and juice right before serving.

Can I make a non-alcoholic gin and juice?

Yes, omit the gin and use cranberry juice or ginger ale instead of club soda. You’ll miss the gin botanicals but retain the fruity flavors.


Snoop Dogg’s signature spin on the classic gin and juice cocktail breathes fresh tropical life into this fruity cocktail. The blend of pineapple juice and smooth gin creates an easy drinking, vibrant concoction that’s endlessly fun to sip on.

Customize the drink to your tastes by experimenting with different fruit juice and gin combinations. With just a few simple ingredients, a cocktail shaker, and a Collins glass, you can mix up this popular gin drink for your next summer soirée.

Just be sure to garnish those gin and juices with some “gimmie that gin and juice” flair and enjoy flavors as smooth as Snoop’s rhymes. Here’s to improvising endlessly refreshing remixes on this iconic cocktail created by rap royalty himself. Word to the D-O-Double-G!

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